This site, Freenancial Exposed, is only one part of a bigger project. There is a word to define the whole project, and that is FREENANCIAL.

To be Freenancial; that everybody could achieve financial freedom, is the main goal, the vision that drove me to create everything that you can see, and much more. 

You are going to find here all the resources and guidance that you need to do it yourself, to create passive income from an online business that could create the lifestyle that you deserve. 

Freenancial Exposed is the business aggregator of the whole project.  Here, you are get to know everything about all the “satellite projects” I develop. You’ll also find my review of other entrepreneurs’ successful business. I want you to learn from things that are already working.

I want you to find here the same great answers that you get when you ask for advice from a friend you trust. You can look here when you want to know the best way to generate new income.

LUIS gil

It’s difficult to describe oneself, but when I ask others about me they say that I’m an irredeemable optimist and a firm believer in people’s talent. Probably they are right, I am as passionate about helping others as about eating dark chocolate (and believe me, that’s saying a lot!).

I’m from the South of Spain (yeah I’m lucky, I live where half of the world likes to travel to in their holidays). I have a degree in engineering, and I used to be a business executive from a big company in the “offline world”, but for the last ten years I’ve been working in my own company. I coach and mentor people and companies. 

If you are as curious as me,  you’d probably wonder how that big change happened. Well, I was doing very well as an executive, it was tempting to continue to do the same job, but one day I realized that I didn’t feel totally happy or fulfilled. And, as I’m a man of action, that same night I began to design my new professional path.

I think that all the personal lessons that I’ve overcome are probably one of the most important learnings that I can bring to the people and teams I work with.  I believe that everyone should have the possibility to dedicate themselves to what it really makes them happy and fulfilled. Without any social, professional, or economic pressure. And I’m totally committed with a personal mission to help others achieve that personal and professional state.


I think that you should develop a stream of income 

that is not limited by you being present at that particular moment.

You should develop Passive Income.


There are many definitions of passive income and, equally, there are many ways to get them. I will refer to passive income as those gains that you can obtain periodically without the need to be present at a stipulated time and place. In my case, I’ll try to get them, with the creation of different online businesses that allows me to automate the entire process.

In short, you start to earn money without requiring a real-time presence. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to invest your time before the money starts to flow. I’m not going to promise you easy money. I want to be honest and  as clear as possible, and I have to tell you that it needs a great initial effort. I’ve been investing time. I’m still doing it. And why so much time? Because as you can see in “our principles”, I have decided to get the financial freedom with a minimum amount of money required, so you don’t need money to “copy” my methods.

After that initial big effort, the amount of time the project needs decreases dramatically, but the incomes get stable or start to increase. That’s the moment we want to achieve.

IS passive income FOR YOU?

I can not answer that for you, but if you are like me, a normal person that want to find the path to their financial freedom and you want to try through passive incomes, you maybe be in one of these three situations:

icon point 1 freenancial exposed

You want to start to generate passive income online with almost no investment

You have everything you need in front of you

icon point 2 freenancial exposed

You want to start to generate passive income online but you have money to invest

Then you can use the fast track

icon point 3 freenancial exposed

You already have income or savings to invest, but not in creating an online business.

Let's talk, I can help you with my experience about investing

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