Multi Language. Now Freenancial speaks Spanish

Well yes, I thought it would come later, but I had to do it now. What would you do in my place? Let me explain my reasons and then tell me what you think about it, does that sound good to you? 😉 OUTLINE You know that, even for this topic, I do everything possible […]

Benchmarking process: An effective and cheap way to do it.

Once you have your business idea and you have validated initially, you need to know who’s taking the money from your future customers now. Because until you know in deep to your competitors you can’t focus on the “unfair advantage” you are going to develop to bring customers from them to you.

Describe your Business idea the right way

Do you already have a business idea in your mind, and now you’d like to know how to take it from there to a two-sentence tweet? Well, this article is going to help you in the process to describe your business idea properly.

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