Multi Language. Now Freenancial speaks Spanish

Well yes, I thought it would come later, but I had to do it now. What would you do in my place? Let me explain my reasons and then tell me what you think about it, does that sound good to you? 😉 OUTLINE You know that, even for this topic, I do everything possible […]

How the F-Shaped Pattern can make your blog fail.

I’m going to be totally honest with you. I got mad the moment I found out about this F-Shaped Pattern. Deep down, I felt that creativity and improvisation were losing relevance and space in the online world. But then, cold-headed, I started thinking logically. I told myself: “Luis: if you know that this is your […]

How to do keyword research for your blog EASILY.

Let’s imagine this situation:  You have a very good idea and you’re going to write a great blog post. You only want to start writing your ideas as they are flowing from your mind. But then, someone says:  Have you already done keyword research for that article you’re creating? Bummm. You’re done. Another time those […]

7 blog post introduction you can be proud of

The blog post introduction is, probably, the most important element that would determine if the reader stays in your blog or jumps to another website immediately. Do you need a guide to check if your introduction is good enough? What do you think is important when you’re trying to write an introduction? Today I’m going […]

Place keywords on your blog post as Mr. Google likes it.

Probably you have found a lot of information about how to do keywords research. But after that maybe you’re asking yourself:  what should I do next? Well, you need to learn how to place keywords properly on your blog post.  This post is about how to place keywords in a way that’s more likely for […]

The best blog post template (after making a lot of mistakes).

Have you ever wondered if the structure you use in your blog posts, makes them easier to read and enjoy? I’ve noticed, after a lot of posts and mistakes from the past, that it’s fundamental to have a blog post template to organize your content and make it clear and well structured for the reader. In […]

One trick to create a catchy article title.

A trick to create an article title? What am I doing talking about “tricks” if I hate them? Well, if I want to tell you what does it work and what doesn’t I have to try everything. And I have to tell you that this trick really works. And it’s not a dirty trick. It’s […]

How to create a great blog post

Today, I want to show you how to create a great blog post, one that is really good from a technical point of view. I’ll present you the exact process we go through in order to publish valuable posts for our readers and, besides, to help Google show them in their first pages. No empty […]

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