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FD 2: Get your HOSTING for your website – 2019 Minitutorial

Hi! Here you have the episode 2 of #FreenancialDiary. 

I’m going to tell you how to get your hosting service easily… let’s go!

NOTE: If you have any problem, please don’t hesitate and ask me for help  😉




Hello, good morning.


As I told you the last day on this freenancial’s blog; by the way, I hope you have already subscribed to the channel, but today I think that we are going to do a thing that is very important. That is getting your hosting provider, your hosting space.


What is a hosting space? well,  is the virtual space when you are going to develop your website, your blog or your Shop online. I mean, everything that you are going to create on the online world. It’s important that you know, you can get a free Hosting service the only problem that that decision have, is that in the name, the domain, that is the name that you are going to tell everyone to visit your site, you are going to have the name of this Free hosting service supplier, so it’s not the best. You’re probably wanting to have your brand, only your brand there. So I suggest you that if you are going to do something

serious that you started getting a hosting a professional hosting and a domain name that Is going to last for the future so you don’t have to to change things later that, when some things are built are more difficult to do it. So let’s go to the point because this is easy and I’m going to show you how to do it with Hostgator. Hostgator is my hosting provider. I tested some of them before I started this business and I decided that this was the best. I am a Hostgator affiliate, is part of my business model, You could choose whatever other hosting providers, but if you choose these the price for you is going to be the same. Of course. The cheapest that they could offer you, but I get a commission for that. This is the affiliate business, that I could talk about that and told you more things about it, everything that you need, in other videos


But let’s go to the point because I’d like to make these videos really short. So, now you are here on your computer and, well,  you have here in You have another way of getting this link to try Hostgator, but it’s really easy. I’m going to put the link in the description area but is freenantial Exposed dot com slash Hostgator.


You click there and then you are going to Be in front of the Hostgator front page. you only have to Click on get started and You have these three possibilities. Of course that you could choose whatever,  but Hostgator has a very good way of changing from one to another so I’d recommend you to start from the, from the cheaper one, and then if you need more space or if you need more capabilities, just, you can change it.


So What I chose it was this hatchling plan is the first one, it’s the cheapest as you can see, is  2.75 amount when you get some months in advance. So let’s go to click on buy now.



And now you are on the page when you have to put all your information. What is this choose a domain?

Choose a domain. Okay, the name, remember? this is the name that is going to be on your website, the name that you are going to get everyone to visit your website So it’s important that it’s a not too long name, that is easy to remember. Some people think that

You should include in your name some keyword some important word related to your business. For example, there are many people that in the passive income business, they choose passive income Intelligence or smart passive income, because probably Google is going to rank this name a little bit better.


But I think that you choose a name for your brand that is unique. That’s a very important thing at the same time, because people are not going to misunderstand they are not going to choose another one because the name is really almost the same. So that’s why I decided to choose freenancialexposed.


But here you have the option to choose the name that you like it, but I recommend you to think a little bit about it before you choose one. For example, if I put here financial

Exposed as you can see at the right is dot com What it’s chosen. It’s red because, of course, it’s already mine. I can’t buy it or no one can buy right now this domain but this is just an example but you could even choose to buy another one here, dot online or whatever, but you put here the name of your domain. If, for example, it is financialexposedLuis, as you can see, it’s thinking but now you have the possibility of buying. So you add to buy the hosting for one year, for example, and then you go down and

here is when you in the number two, you choose the plan, the hosting plan. It’s really easy.


You decided if it is the hatchling, the baby or the business. And then here in this billing cycle, you decide how many time, how much months. So 36 is the longest you have to pay more now. That is the cheapest every month or you can choose for example 12 months 6.95 a month. Then, here you are going to write your username,  a pin that you are going to remember. your PIN will help verify account ownership.


So it’s good to use one that you can remember in the future. Then, in the

Entered your billing info, is here, all your personal data your credit card data everything, your address.


And Point 4 it’s do you want to add something else to your hosting? As you can see, the safety, the HTTPS that means that is a web with safety, that’s very good for ranking for Google and for avoiding problems, It’s already free and included. That’s very good


Then, you can choose, for example, these two options that come already checked. A protection from hackers that you have it here or the other one that is the backup. This is a very good utility because It makes it automatic Website backup. So if you have a problem it’s easy to go back.


You could check both or none, what you decided?


This is a coupon code that already comes probably because of my Affiliate link, so it’s good to use it, and then, you have all these details and you click on here,  You have read and agree on the Terms of Service. I never read that but of course, you should do that

and then, check out now? Ok, you click on the check out here and, of course, it’s going to say that there is a lot of things to still fill but If you do it everything right you are going to get an email with your Name and password to come into your hosting area. 


So you are going to get an email And then you start again going into, and then when you go there, instead of clicking on get started. Now you are going to click on customer login. here you have it. okay, there.


And now you choose your login, and ours is Hostgator customer portal. Portal login. Click here. We click on portal login, and now you are going to put your username and your password. The one that you already received through the email. You go there, log in, and Now you are coming into your area here.


You have your welcome Message and from here is where you can do all the things to create your website that is really easy because Hostgator has a one-click Service to start for example a WordPress Web page, but this is probably for the next episode of these freenancial’s blog.



I’m going to let all the important things and the links on the description,  and if you have any question, any doubt. Please use your comments section, your comments area, or send me a message.


Wherever you like to to have everything clear and everything ready for the next step in these mini-tutorials, that is going to be to create your first web page. So I hope you enjoy it and that everything is clear at least much more than my English accent from Spain, but I hope that is still enough to help you and to make you understand how you could do this That is as you have already seen, very very easy. So take care, and we see you in the next episode of this video blog.

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Luis Gil.



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