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When you have a (very) Hard Day creating your online business

Today has been hard, and I just realized that no one out there is telling you about the Hard Days… so let’s talk about them!

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You probably know already life has difficult moments, tough and hard days.  And, of course, you should know that you are going to have some of them too in the way to get your financial freedom. Hard work is not the only thing you need when you are starting an online project. You are investing your time, your effort, your illusion, some money… and it’s all to help people and maybe sometime later obtain some benefits.

And sometimes those things are not enough to feel good. That’s the truth, and I want to be totally honest. You are going to have many moments and many days like this. Like the day I just had today.

Is one of those days when you’re committed to your work,  but at the same time, you probably didn’t have a good night. Maybe you didn’t sleep well or maybe, as it happened to me, you have a baby that woke you up asking for your help many times. Although when you start the day you still could feel that you have enough energy, motivation. Maybe you don’t feel fresh, but you’ll give your best anyway.

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And then, for example, you are trying hard to understand the task that you have to do today,  and you are not getting it at all. You realize that you have to learn first how to do it, and sometimes that’s hard. Sometimes you are watching videos, reading a lot of articles, or even trying to gain some expertise in the subject your online business is about through some online courses; but in hard days like this, at the end of the day you don’t understand almost anything, you are not getting any results and you just feel that maybe is too complicated for you.

You know that our project has principles and one of them is not to invest almost anything. Well, this is one of those days I think about hiring someone to do a task for me because it seems to be too complicated. This task consist in trying to “outreach the web” by “backlinking” and It’s crucial. It’s totally key. is one of the most important things that we have to do during this month as you can read in our November monthly report. And in hard days like this, the day goes by and you go home tired and a little frustrated because you did not make any progress in your project and you did not improve your knowledge either. So you think to yourself “this is going to be really, really hard”. And as I told you before, I probably could leave our principles aside, and hire someone to do the work for us. Fortunately, we can afford it. But maybe not all of you can do so, you probably don’t have the money to invest, but you’re committed to work hard and get results. And that’s why I’m going to stick to the principles and, of course, stay committed to you too.

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I’m going to find the way to learn how to do this and I’m going to stay motivated and full of energy and when I achieve my first backlink I am going to share it with you (and I’ll celebrate!).  And I tell you more, when I could have at least some knowledge about the strategy that works,  I am going to share with you.  And even more, when I became an expert on this, I am going to tell you exactly how to do it all in order for you to not lose your time, your energy or your motivation. Because that’s the main reason why we’re here: we’re here to help you. And if that means that we have to struggle to find the answers then we’ll give our best until to do so.

Thank for encouraging us to keep fighting. Don’t forget… just like Van Morrison used to sing… “there will be days like this”, but we are going through each one of them because we have a purpose and a goal to achieve. We’ll help you to reach your financial freedom.

Thank you for listening, thank you for your support. Let’s listen to Van’s song together…. before we come back to our fight. 🙂

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Take care


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