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Long Story Short by Margot Leitman review – Master in storytelling

My book review in one sentence: “ Long Story Short by Margot Leitman is that kind of book that you are having so much fun with it, that you don’t realize till the end how much have you learned about how to do great storytelling – Luis G.”

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A friend of mine suggests me to read this book now that I’was so into English writing.  He told me, and it’s true, that in Spanish I had more resources, but in English, I was more limited. So he thought I’d need to know how to tell stories in a better way to avoid that the English language could make my articles too complex and not so inviting.



Margot Leitman is a professional. But not mainly a professional writer. She’s a professional storyteller. You can watch her in action here for example:

As you can see, she knows how to tell a story. And as she teaches in this book, “you don’t need to try to be funny if you have a fun story to tell”.

She puts all her skills on storytelling to the writing service, and she creates a fun, interesting and engaging book.

The book is structured in three different parts, where you can learn from the basics to the secrets to make storytelling a profession for you:

  • Getting Started.
  • Elements of a Story.
  • The performance and Beyond.

Each of these three main parts is full with a lot of information about the subject, organized in chapters. And each chapter of Long Story Short has this structure:

  • A lot of insights from her own personal experience.
  • Some explanation about how to do things right.
  • Some Q&A’s from the attendants to all the courses that Margot has done about storytelling.
  • And at the end of each chapter, you have a lot of questions and exercises.

Everything seems to be in the right place, in the right amount. Everything to make you grow as a storyteller, building your own story according to your life and personality. 

Although all the things above could seem to be the most representative about the book, they’re not. The most important thing to me about Long Story Short is the ability that Margot has to make you enjoy, have a great time reading. It’s that kind of book you find sometime which you read with a smile in your mouth from the beginning till the end.

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  • Everybody has great stories to tell. (yes, you too).
  • Passion is probably the main ingredient to make your story something interesting. 
  • In business, when you look for a job or when you want to sell an idea or a product, storytelling is a great way to “increase your odds”. 
  • To get a good story you need to make the right questions. (even to yourself).
  • Getting past fear to public speaking when storytelling. 

HAVE YOU ALREADY READ IT? HOW DID YOU LEARN TO IMPROVE YOUR STORYTELLING?  Tell me what do you want in the comments section or on the contact page.

If you still haven’t read Long Story Short by Margot Leitman, you can purchase it here.

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Luis  Gil

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