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Multi Language. Now Freenancial speaks Spanish

Well yes, I thought it would come later, but I had to do it now. What would you do in my place? Let me explain my reasons and then tell me what you think about it, does that sound good to you? 😉


You know that, even for this topic, I do everything possible to give value to your time, so here are the sections that I will talk about so you can go directly to the one that is most useful or interesting:


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There are really many reasons that have led me to include Spanish from now on in this project. I’m going to show you the main ones. I’d show you in question mode, since it would be great if you could also do the reflection with empathy, putting yourself in my place, so that later in the comments you can give me your opinion, which will surely help me a lot.

  • What would you do if you had the feeling that the entire community of your mother tongue is missing the opportunity to receive your help, while you strive to do it in another language? … Well, that is what I perceive when I speak to people close to me… many of them do not understand it nor can benefit from it, because it is only in English.


  • And what if because you decided a language to force yourself to improve your second language, then you discover that you do not have enough hours to generate the content that can help your followers because it takes more than twice as much as when you work in your native language?


  • Finally, how can you give coherence to a passive income project that talks about other satellite projects that generate passive income, when all those satellite projects have been created in Spanish … and you present them for a basically English-speaking community ?

As you can see, they are not light factors, but very important ones. Both for the closest community of people surrounding me, and for the viability of the project, it was necessary to make the effort to introduce Spanish as an available and accessible language.


Well, to start with, a lot of work ahead. 😅

Although I have used a plug-in that will help me to enjoy the web indistinctly in English and in Spanish,  the translations that it performs automatically is really poor. Actually, they really are a disaster. Therefore, I have to manually translate the whole web. This is going to be a significant cost of time and / or money, but each day that passes will be more expensive.

An important lesson that may help you it’s that “when you realize something that is wrong, you must forget what you invested, and think about what you are still going to lose from what is still in your pocket”. The sooner you react, the better. And this applies to many areas of life.


Once I translate everything into Spanish and the website is completely bilingual (I still sigh when I think of the work that lies ahead), we still have to think about what will happen with the new contents.

To this day I have to be totally honest with my time and money possibilities, and with my commitment to the acceleration program in which Freenancial Exposed is included. This program is helping me a lot to define a project that can be a great contribution so that many people get the lifestyle they want, and fulfill my desire to help and get alternative sources of income.

Therefore, my decision is that, from now on, I will promote Spanish as the main language, and when the income grows, I will continue to duplicate all the content to English, doing it very professionally, even if it is necessary looking for a collaborator who takes the responsibility of all the part of English language.



Y sí, por supuesto que me gustaría saber, en mi situación… ¿que habrías hecho tú? 🙂

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Luis Gil.

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