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Follow these steps below and I'll help you to develop your next online business even if you still have no idea about what to do.

Find the right project for you

 The first thing you should do to find which project suits you better, so you can be successful and enjoy, it is discovering these three important areas: 

  1. Your talents.
  2. Your passions.
  3. A need in the world that connects with your talents and passions. 

Read this article where you have the tools you need to get the answer to those three points. How to find a job you love: You have to know yourself

When you are done, come back here and go to the next step. 


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At this point, you should have a clear idea about what you want to give to the world

It’s totally key that you don’t go further if you still have doubts about this part. Believe me. You don’t want to start creating a project you are not sure you really connect with. 

If you are stuck in this part, you could ask me for help so you unblock this level and go ahead to the next one. 

Discover your business idea

Two things to do in this step:

1. Now you have to discover “the idea“. To do that, you should read and ask the questions on this article:

How to start your business from scratch

After that, you should have a lot of possible ideas. If you still don’t have that many, don’t worry because the next step is going to help you generate much more.

2. You are going to use the “Bee Technique” method to reduce all those ideas to a single one, “the idea“. 

Mastering Divergent Thinking: The BEE technique

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At this point, you should have a clear idea about what idea you’d like to transform into an online business 

Again, It is essential that you do not go ahead if you have not yet discovered your idea to develop. Sometimes you need more than one try to get the best ideas, so I recommend you to stop for today and come back tomorrow to your sheet with the ideas.

If after two or three more days you are still with no clue, contact me to help you, so you can continue developing your business. 


Now you want to describe your idea in a way that it’s easily shared, and you’d like to know if that idea it could really be a seed of a successful business, even before you start to spend time and money in it. Follow me:

Learn how to condense and describe your idea with this article: 

Describe your Business idea the right way

Once you have your business idea expressed in different forms, even condensed to the space you have in a tweet, you should try to validate it. It’s time for “The 10 people challenge”. I tell you how to on this article: 

Here’s a quick way of validating business ideas before investing time or money.

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Well done! If you have come here doing all the steps, you should have a good idea that many people have liked. It’s a big step and you’re getting closer and closer to your online business.

If the idea did not like too much, do not be discouraged, just go back to the previous step and work on a new idea that has to do with you (with what you got on you in the first step you gave).

If you are still blocked, send me a message and I try to help you.

Know your competitors. Benchmarking

Ok. You have a very good idea, it seems that even people you asked liked it. But do you know the market and your competitors in deep?

Here, I’m going to tell you how to do Researching and Benchmarking in an easy way. 

Benchmarking process: An effective and cheap way to do it.


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If you managed to do your research and benchmarking, now you have a lot of information to know if your business is perfect as you imagined or if it needs to improve. Maybe you have to think about some changes to differentiate and overcome from what already exists. 

If you don’t know how you could make those changes to make your business better, but without losing the main purpose, the soul of it,  contact me and I could give you some advice.



Whether if your online business is about a Niche Site, a Service, a Shop, you need to know how to create a Website. 

Here, I’m going to help you with that. From choosing the hosting till the way you should write your post in your blog to make visitors and engagement increase. 

I’ll develop a course where you could find all that info in an easy way. As I told you many times, you don’t need to be an engineer to develop your business. 


Meanwhile, if you already know how to do it, I explain to you why I choose Hostgator as my hosting service in this article:

Hostgator Review (2019). Why we chose them instead of Bluehost?

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