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FD 1: What is This Freenancial’s Diary About?

Hi! Here you have the first episode of my new Video Blog. Join us subscribing to our newsletter or our youtube channel to be updated of all the new episodes that are coming soon. 

Make easy your path to be financially free. Ask me for help  😉

What is this Freenancial's Diary About?


Hi, good morning, this is the first video of this video blog that I am starting today. It is really early here in Spain and still I don’t have possibilities of doing live videos on YouTube because the channel is really young.  But I decided to start anyway, to be closer to you, to help you to achieve your financial freedom. You probably know that you have this project that I made called, where I am going to try to show you all the things that I’m doing to achieve my passive income from different online businesses I am running. I think that this could be almost a diary where I could show you the important things I am doing and some tips that you could know when you are deciding to create your own online project let me please be here to help you. You could ask for whatever you want. you could do it through this comments’ section on the video or sending me an email I don’t mind I am here to help.

 I like to tell you that in some months I’m probably be showing you a very big project about how to help you to achieve your online businesses to achieve your financial freedom, to be a freenancer, but right now I think that this is the best way to start.

 Of course that in a few days you could be one of the early adopters that are going to test this new project but right now and we are just starting we are going to share here some news about the world of financial freedom or passive income I’m going to show you the things that I am developing or even some mini tutorials to teach you how you could do the most important things when you are starting your online business. 

For example, tomorrow, or next Thursday probably I’m going to show you how to create your own hosting account. I’m going to be a step-by-step here with you and I’m going to show you how you create your first hosting account in order  to start to create your blog, your web application, or whatever project that it needs a website. 

So keep in contact, tell me anything that you like, any suggestion or what will you like to know about the project or about me, and we are going to start this path together and I hope that we are going to be together for a long time helping you to get that income. To get that main income in your life or maybe a side income that you could need to live the life that you like it. So take care, this is the first episode finishing and I’ll see you very soon in the next one of this freenancial diary. By

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Luis Gil.



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